Send in Your Documents

Send personal and financial documents to your county CalFresh office.

Send documents

During your eligibility interview, a county CalFresh worker will tell you exactly what documents to send in.

You can send in photos and files at any time. Documents frequently requested include:

  • An ID for everyone on your application, like a drivers license or birth certificate

  • Proof of all money you got in the last 30 days, like pay stubs from your employer or bank statements

  • Proof of expenses, like rent, utilities, and certain medical bills (the more expenses you show the more CalFresh you can get)

  • If you don't have an official document, you can write a statement on paper saying how much money you got and sign it.

Not ready to send in documents?

Get in Touch with Your County Office

If you haven't already had an interview with your County CalFresh Office, call them to schedule one. During the interview, you'll learn exactly what documents you need to provide.

Call Your County

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